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Golden Executive Coaching has been in business for nearly ten years. Clients have come to us from many industries including retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, etc. Referrals made to us by Human Resources are typically clients who are on a fast track to achieving the next level in their careers. This coaching is called emerging leader coaching.

Clients who participate in our emerging leader coaching have told us they feel ready to take on the next level in their career. Our mission is to help you advance your careers and encourage you to find the best way to do just that. We encourage you not to wait, but to call us today for a  free consultation to find out how together we can achieve your goals!


Are You Ready to Transition Your Career?

Mary Kuniski

I began my journey coaching executives after I led the succession planning conversation with the EVP of Supply Chain and my peers. As the only female VP in the Supply Chain, I began a highly successful, Women in a Leadership training program that turned into a company-wide leadership development program. I realized that I held a true passion for coaching, which intensified after I left Michaels when many women asked for my help transitioning to a new career.

My coaching business opened in 2014 after I attended Marshall Goldsmith’s training class. I had already informally been coaching for ten years. I practiced Marshall Goldsmith’s coaching approach as the Regional President of Dale Carnegie. Subsequently, I completed certification with Dale Carnegie as an instructor and John Mattone in his Intelligent Leadership Program.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you feel like you are being passed over for promotion year after year? Are you frustrated because you often feel invisible in meetings? Do you lack the self-confidence to sit at the boardroom table during an executive meeting?  Give us six months to identify and help you change behaviors that are holding you back. If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back.

The point of coaching is not for me to help you do something, but rather for me to identify the areas in which you need assistance. We then work together to build an action plan based on Marshall Goldsmith’s feed-forward protocol that will help you correct the areas that need to improve. The real question is do you have the courage to find out what those areas might be and the humility to change them?

Leaders are committed to continuous self-improvement. Explain to your boss that you are interested in self-improvement and will learn  the renowned Marshall Goldsmith feed-forward approach to making behavioral changes that last. Figure out what the pay back might be if you were able to change one competency and present that with your request for coaching.

Although we are available to come to your office, we find that most coaching can be handled using Zoom.

If you are dissatisfied with your coach, please tell us and allow us the opportunity to make changes for you. If we cannot make it right, we guarantee a full refund on any coaching hours in which you have been a participant. (Please note: 360 evaluations are not refundable)

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