Mary Kuniski

Golden Executive Coaching has been in business for nearly ten years. Clients have come to us from many industries including retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, etc. Referrals made to us by Human Resources are typically clients who are on a fast track to achieving the next level in their careers. This coaching is called Emerging Leader Coaching.

Over the past several years, we have helped a large number of customers transition to a new career due to corporate downsizing. For many of us looking for a new careers, when you are over 50-years young, looking for a new job can be very scary. We are here to help! We are up-front regarding our pricing for this type of engagement and will ensure you understand what you will walk away with at the end of the limited engagement. This is called Career Transition Coaching. We are happy to work directly with you (the client), or human resources for multiple clients.

The rate of failure for small businesses runs about 70%. This is quite high but does not have to be. We have a complete evaluation (SWOT) analysis of your business for one fixed price and help you understand what you need to do to save your business. We love evaluating small businesses because we love to save them from closing their doors.

Are you looking for a workshop on leadership for an upcoming meeting? Mary Kuniski, the CEO of Golden Executive Coaching has been a public speaker for 25 years. She will talk about the road that takes us to achieve our goals. Workshops follow the Marshall Goldsmith book called, Triggers. You will find the workshop very enjoyable.