Freedom from Pride or Arrogance

Leaders often say they are servant leaders, yet they do not realize their behaviors are completely the opposite of those exhibited by a servant leader. As you go through your coaching process, we will identify the behaviors you may have that make you a servant leader or keep you from being one.

There are eight dimensions of servant leadership, but they all represent humility. When you look at these concepts, do you see yourself using them to lead your team. If not, you are not yet a servant leader :

  • Empowerment – You assist others in realizing their full potential even though they may fail at what you give them to do.
  • Accountability – You hold yourself and others responsible for actions within their control.
  • Standing Back – Followers are your priority and they need to receive credit for their work.
  • Humility – Place yourself in your employee’s place and gain perspective on their situation. Admit when one needs assistance.
  • Authenticity – Is true and genuine to oneself professionally, publicly, and privately.
  • Courageous – Embraces innovation, takes risks and overcomes fear of change.
  • Interpersonal Acceptance – Understands the perspectives and experiences of others.
  • Stewardship – Practices service and take responsibility of the larger institution or society.