Raising to the next level

Often when these managers receive an elevation to the next level, they have difficulty managing the larger organization because they have not learned to listen to their stakeholders and adjust their behavior accordingly.  Perhaps the leader is continuing to do the work themselves. They feel they do not have the time or even the desire to train their team to take on some of the work that they used to do. Until these high-potential employees accept the fact that they must choose to succeed and are merely at the exploration stage, they will fail. Real leadership requires a commitment to constructive behavior. When leaders become aware that they are not always right and believe that two or three minds are better than one, they become stronger heads and are less prone to end up in the role of an executor.

Buddha once said, “all that we are is the result of our daily thoughts.” When we change our thinking, our behavior will change. When we change our behavior, our habits will change, and when we change our habits our personality and/or character will change. When we turn our nature, our destiny will change.”

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